A Sample Curated Weekend Getaway

See the details of how a getaway works with Weeklander. Below you'll find a sample trip, from planning all the way to a personalized example getaway with Curated Suggestions.

A Sample Curated Weeklander Getaway

Couple playing in water at the beachMan hanging from boat railing on ocean

1. Choose Your Travel Dates

Pick when you'd like to travel. We'll take the personalized questionnaire you filled out during the subscription sign up, and find a few destinations that would fit your preferences.

2. Confirm your Destination

Once we send you the destination options, you can simply confirm which one you'd like. Then we'll get to reserving your flight with a major airline, and hotel (likely a boutique hotel) that fits your personal travel-style.

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3. Get a Tidy Little Package

We'll send you your itinerary and any other relevant info at least one month before your trip. We'll also put together a guide for your destination that will be personalized & curated specifically for you. We won't plan every minute of your vacation, but instead, we'll give you a list of suggestions from restaurants, to activities, to sights. You'll be free to explore in your own time and your own way.

See a Sample Curated Guide Below!

Then, get your curated guide

Curated Guide Bars Cover
Curated guide bars
curated guide cuisine cover
Curated guide cuisine
Curated guide general information cover
Curated guide general information

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