The Ultimate Guide on How to Plan an Amazing Girls Getaway

The complete guide to planning a girls getaway that everyone can agree on. What better way to stay connected to your girlfriends than to take a girls weekend getaway? We all, at one point or another, want to take a girls getaway with just our friends to forget everything else and just relax and enjoy each other. However, planning a girls trip can be daunting - with different individual personalities and habits it can be hard to plan and keep everyone happy.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Plan an Amazing Girls Getaway

July 21, 2019

What better way to stay connected to your girlfriends than to take a girls weekend getaway? We all, at one point or another, want to take a girls getaway with just our friends to forget everything else and just relax and enjoy each other. However, planning a girls trip can be daunting - with different individual personalities and habits it can be hard to plan and keep everyone happy.

Many things go into planning an amazing girls getaway from group dynamics to activities to destinations. All of them are important and all of them must consider individual wants, needs, and desires. If you have ever planned a trip that involved more than one person you understand how difficult this can be!

We recommend hiring a travel service, such as Weeklander, to help plan destinations and book your travel. This reduces the stress of planning and keeps everything fair - everyone has an equal say in the planning process. While some things must be determined by the group, a travel service goes a long way in eliminating much of the planning.

If you are looking to plan the trip together as a group, this guide will help you plan the perfect girls getaway and give you a few things you should consider along with a few travel suggestions.

Friends on a girls getaway on a rooftop looking over the city at the sunset.
Group dynamics can make or break a girls getaway. Making sure everyone is compatible with each other will ensure any trip you plan will start off on the right foot.

1. Consider your group dynamics

Determining who is going on this trip and who isn't will affect how the group gets along and consequently how amazing your trip will be. The group should be kept to your core friends, ideally ones that already know and get along with each other. It's ok to be exclusive here, after all, you don't want to have a horrible trip because not everyone got along.

Avoid inviting friends that no one else in the group knew before the trip. Remember, just because you get along great with them doesn't mean that everyone else will.

The key here is that your group is compatible with each other. If your group is compatible you're on track to have a very pleasant trip. Women's Day also suggests staying away from traveling as a trio as someone will inevitability feel left out.

2. What are your (the group's) goals for this getaway?

Knowing what everyone expects out of the trip is paramount. If you don't have any goals for the trip you have nothing to plan. Start by asking everyone what they want out of the trip, not what they want to do, but the purpose of the trip to them.

Second, figure out what you all need out of the trip. Are you traveling with a group of friends from college that you haven't seen in 5 years? If so, maybe you need more a more relaxing getaway to reconnect connect. Do you guys see each other weekly and hang out often? Then maybe you need a trip with more activities.

Every group of friends is different and not everyone in the group will agree, but what is important is that the trip's goals match everyone's needs - wants are secondary.

Girls hanging out together on a girls getaway. Planning your trip early is important for a successful getaway.
The sooner you start planning your girls getaway the less chance there will be that something will come up and push your trip back or cancel it altogether.

3. Plan your girls getaway early

The sooner you have a trip on the books the better. You don't have to have the entire getaway planned, but the sooner you have the dates locked down the better. The longer it is on your calendar the easier it is to plan other activities around. How awful would it be to plan a trip only to have it canceled at the last minute because something else came up? Real Simple suggests making the trip sacred for it to succeed.

Smarter Travel recommends planning a trip a year in advance as the ideal time to start planning - 6 months is acceptable. You want to make sure nothing else crops up and takes its place and you want time to plan it.

4. Where will you go for your girls getaway?

After determining your group dynamics and goals you should determine where you are going to travel to. This is easier said than done since this, along with determining activities, is probably the hardest thing to get everyone to agree on.

To make this easier, find out what you all agree on doing in generic terms. Does the group want to go on a city getaway, take a more adventurous trip such as skiing, or maybe chill on the beach? If you can determine this, it will be much easier to agree and choose a destination.

This is where Weeklander comes in handy. Weeklander will narrow down your options for you and give you 2-3 travel destinations based on your group preferences. Or they can choose your destination for you.

Girls laughing on a river bank enjoying the outdoors on a girls trip.
When making a budget consider everyone's financial situation. Not all participates of your getaway may be in the same situation as you.

5. What should the budget for a girls getaway be?

This is dependent on your goals for this trip and how many people are going. Are you flying? Do you have major activities planned? Regardless of what your goals or activities are, there are certain things to consider. Chief among those are everyone’s financial situation – you do not want to unintentionally exclude anyone because they cannot afford it.  

Plan your accommodations and destinations accordingly. Activities are another story and depend on your group dynamics. It is easier to pass on activities than it is to pass up on the whole trip because the resort or hotel was too expensive for someone. That said if everyone is doing everything together or a certain activity is the highlight of the trip then be sure to be cognizant of everyone’s financial situation when planning the activity budget.

6. Be open to new destinations and activities

Plan your girls getaway with something new – a new destination or a new activity. For example, if you always travel to the beach on your getaway, try skiing this year instead. Choose something memorable that you can look back reminisce on for years to come. You want this trip to be something that brings you closer together and something to talk about on future girls getaways.

A girls trip to the coast; girls enjoying the view.
It's never too early to start planning your next girls trip! Starting right after you've returned from one is a great time to begin planning your next.

7. Start planning your next trip once your back home

Girls getaways are a necessity and you should get away together often – at least once a year. Getting away with your friends helps you recharge, reconnect and improves your health.

There is no better time than right after a getaway or vacation to start planning your next getaway. With your last getaway fresh on your mind you remember better what worked and what didn’t. Use that time to process your trip and start planning the next. Not everything needs to be set in stone at this point but developing the basis of your next trip is important.

An amazing girls getaway requires extensive planning to accommodate everyone. It can be intimidating but don’t let that keep you from getting away. If you use the information here as a guide to get you started in your planning, it should be a fairly stress-free process. Planning and going on a girls trip is very rewarding for everyone involved, don’t let the stress of planning one prevent you from going on one.

If you’re not so keen on planning, or even if you are but want to take some of your planning out to make the trip fairer, Weeklander can help you plan your girls getaway. With plans starting at $79 a month per person they will provide you with destination options to match your goals, your flight, hotel, and some transportation costs. Additionally, they will curate a list of activities for you to do on your getaway – or not do, you’re free to do whatever you want.

Did you find this guide helpful? Don’t keep it to yourself share it with your friends, then start planning your girls getaway today!

Updated on:
August 31, 2019

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